ORGANISATION FOR HELPING THE NEEDY [O.H.N]

                               THE STORY OF MOHAMED KAMARA

I was with my grandmother in makeni by the name of Ya-Aminata Konteh by then the rebel have killed my mother and father in the year 1995. My grandmother was taking care of me. I was living happily with him because I happened to be his grandson to her. In the year 1999 January 6th when the rebel attacked the entire township in makeni. My grandmother took me with her to see how far she could escaped with me; on our way to a nearby village, my grandmother held me up to cross a narrow bridge when a group of people crowded together to cross the same bridge, my grandmother was unable to hold me and withstand the crowed when I fell down from the top. The water was running, I struggle to get out but I couldn’t until a man pull me out from the river. So not true for me as a small boy to get out but couldn’t see my grandmother. I was with the crowed going up and down for some days when the rebel attacked, again. The rebels are with empty pant calling themselves ‘’BORN NAKED’’.They arrested four of us and ask us ‘’LONG SLEIVE OR SHORT SLEIVE’’ None of us respond because none of us understand what they were saying. By then I was eight years old. they started chopping(AMPUTATING)our hands’ was the last person to get his hands chopped; blood started oozing out they did not even sympathized with us. All of us started to cry. they even shot four men in front of my very eyes. One of them says that I’m a small beyond my cry cannot disturb us, let him go. That was how I was set free. As they go their way and left me suffering of pain in the road for three days. just when all hope is gone, a woman from nowhere met me in pain and took me to her village in an hammock. When we reached the town, we met a good Samaritan who gave us a ride in his vehicle to the makeni hospital for treatment. Not too long the RED CROSS town came and took me to the city [FREETOWN] at ‘’NEDLAND HOSPITAL’’ Congo cross for further treatment. when I finish my treatment, one woman by the name of ‘’HANNAH’’ a humanitarian took me to her homeland put me in one government school called ‘’SERVICES PRIMARY SCHOOL’’ at Wilberforce. One day I thinking of doing something to improve myself and stop the discouraging myself of my disableness. I started training my mind to become an athlete. I joined my school training team, the boys and girls started intimidate me. I usually cried until one night I decided not to give in to any intimidation. one day I went for training they started their usual joke show, but this time the whole situation was at a different peak that made me leave that particular area and moved to wellington Brima lane .it was a very bad day for me, precisely on Sunday when a group of men and woman met me at BAI BUREH ROAD they stop me asked me so many question and then took my address and told me to meet them in their place not knowing that it’s an called O.H.N. The country manager is an athlete and the assistant coach whom I even had the privilege to have a word with. Hence the organization started taking care of me. They feed and shelters me even buy my training jersey and spike shoe. They gave me the support I need; like sending me to a school of my choice. My time at Evangelical primary school was the most memorable till I sat my N.P.S.E. [O.H.N] supported till I finished my secondary school at the same ’’ EVANGELICAL SECONDARY SCHOOL’’ and also coached me and encourage me to do sport and to became the best ‘’ PARALYMPIC ATHLETE’’ in my secondary school. O.H.N did a lot for me to improve my skills and my running talent. Thanks to their full support I’m the best Paralympics runner in sierra Leone for 100 and 200meters and now I’m representing my country nationally and internationally with the help of O.H.N. Their courage and cauncilling method help me a lot in my lifetime. This particular person O.H.N is talking about is now preparing for the Paralympics tournament in Brazil.

This village is located at the northern part of Sierra Leone. According to our findings as an organization for helping the needy [O.H.N]this is one of the highest affected area in the northern region during the ‘’EBOLA CRISIS’’ in sierra Leone.
When the diseases breakout in our country all these area where protected and prevented by the local authorities leaving out some preventive measures to put in place when it started there the local people started rumoring it around that it’s an ‘’OATH’’ which we called in our local language (SWEH) that is in-between October 2015 and November 2015 before they’re calling for rescue over 250 to 300 people had lost their lives in this villages. Though by washing dead bodies and hand shaking before the anti-caring team reaches the village the cemetery was no more. by then the cemetery was filled the chief and other elderly men came together and tried to provide another cemetery ground in another nearby village called ‘’ROGBOM’’ not too far from the township headquarter town. According to the chief PA KAPIR’’ chairman of this ‘’MARANKA VILLAGE’’. He shows us seven to eight household with no survivors left, I mean a single family member left to tell the story unless another or close neighbor to tell the story. Even some of his own families are gone too. Some night the community people would called him and said chief my husband is dead others would say my wife is also dead another people would come crying bitterly for their sons and daughter. but I chief kapir with intensive protection and prevention I do survived the ‘’ EBOLA’’ until the day the ‘’ WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION’’ [W.H.O] declare Ebola free in west Africa precisely sierra leone.We as an organization to help the needy we asked chief kpair to show us the infected families that survived the ebola.he shows us children who lost their parent, widows, widower etc. we are now helping these people so that they would live happily in their various community.


One day on our way to the provinces to visit some of our vulnerable, along waterloo high way that was some time in 2012 before the election; we met with this blind man by the name of ABU KARGBO with a small boy trying to cross the street. We stopped our car and helped him out many motor bikes and cars are in speed lane as the road was an high way. I the country manager called him and interview him on how he became blind. It’s a very sad story to say. Mr. Abu kargbo was a builder with a happy and a beautiful wife [kadiatu kargbo] as he said. They have three children and they live in a community called ‘’MAYENKINEH’’ in calaba town eastern part of Freetown. One faithful night, according to him, he was from work trying to reach home when he met one man by the name of ‘’OSMAN’’ standing in a corner with his wife. He was shocked and asked her the relationship between her and the young man but she couldn’t reply so she asked her to come home with him which she did. When they reached home he asked her Again who is the young she was standing with, this time she reply ‘’he is just a neighbor’’ by the name of Osman. Mr. Abu was not satisfied with her wife reply to his question so he decided to monitor his wife’s movement. People around started murmuring but they are afraid to tell Mr. Abu the things they know. Mr. Abu even said that his wife began to refuse him his right as a husband every time he asked his wife to make love to him; she would refuse until one evening the last time I remember I saw with this very eyes. It was in the year 2007.i was passing in a side road in our area off from job and I finally reach home and meet the children, they rushed at me and embraced me as usual I asked the about their mother they said since she left them from morning they did not see or know where she is. The younger one said he is hungry and that he wants to eat; and there is no food in the house .He told them to wait so he could find some food for them to eat. He left to find food for his children on his way he saw his wife kadiatu slippers outside he thought to himself if really his wife was actually in that house; as we all knows a community is a very small place and there is possibilities for everyone to know one another. He ignores the scene and went to find the food for his children. After he has bought the food and was returning home, he saw his wife coming out of the same place he saw the slippers, he called to her but she ran inside the room again then he chased after her but they were trying to lock the door; he forced his way through as the door open Osman and his wife kadiatu put up a heavy fight, he stand to fight them but they were so desperate and through a very heavy object at his face, he felt the whole place spinning and all of a sudden the whole place became dark they hit him again and again in the same place and his wife push him to escape. Osman pull him out of his house since he cannot see a thing the neighbor too him to calaba town police station too make a report, after that the police gave him a paper to make a medical report. He left to treat himself at ‘’SAROULA EYE HOSPITAL’’ The doctor tried their best to savage my condition but no good came out of it. So they refer me the ‘’CONNAUGHT HOSPITAL’’ It was just the same so the police charged the matter to court. I appeared for the first time in my life at the magistrate court. They preside over the matter and later adjourned the matter since that time, I have been going to court day after day I visited the magistrate court looking for justice but I guess I’m just a poor man and justice is for the rich so they refuse to give me what is mine.
At one time coming from court I met some strange fellow they called themselves O.H.N. They took me to masiaka where I met some disables people like myself. They talked to me, asked me about myself and I explained to them my story, they felt pity for me and supplied me a Bag of rice, provisions, oil and new clothes. O.H.N Took me home I showed them my house in waterloo. Hence they start paying my rent, my children school fees and every month they supply me with food stuff. With O.H.N I’m now a very happy man despite my condition.