0RGANISATION FOR HELPING THE NEEDY was formed since 3rd janurary 1991 in the northern region specifically Makeni at Konika Street, were seven in numbers that is before the Eleven years Rebel war started. By then, we were looking for street children and disable people like blind, lame, amputee and all those people who can’t do anything on their own. We tried on our own way to see how we can raise fund for the organization. Our first fund rising was in ATHLETIC. We organized sport which we called ‘’INTER-AREA SPORT’’ WE Split the township into seven area; people from different township participated in large numbers, the; little money we have after the sport, we used to pay fees for school going children whom were orphan living in the street. We also used half of their leisure time to counseled them and ask each one of them their problem. We shelter, clothes, and feed the homeless; we even started going house to house to looking for blind, lame, cripple, widows and others who are disable. We tried our best to reach out to everyone in need even paid their rent age; supplied the with some food items. we tried to teach them some technical skills: like taking them to a training center. Some blind men among them who can read like music so we employee people who knows music to teach them. there was a particular blind man but he is late now, who was admiring Steven wonders’ and Eric Donaldson, he indeed wanted to be like them but unfortunately when the war breakout in 1992,and reach makeni town some of the people we were taken care of died and we became devastated. After some years, we started to put together the pieces of what we have left. We even open a movie ‘’HOUSE’’ and named it O.H.N and we even acted a move which is now out with the title’’ SOME JEALOUS NA DIE’’ written in our native or local language ‘’KRIO’’. We collaborated with others in the movement and licensed the organization officially. We secure an apartment to be used as an office for four thousand dollars. We are now going community –to –community so we can talk to people to know their minds and the things they need. We are calling on all humanitarians and human right organization to help us to achieve the dream of the homeless, orphan and all the street children.

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